Beth Sholom, Reimagining Our Service to Seniors

In our 75+ years of providing care to seniors in the greater Richmond community, Beth Sholom has continually set a high bar of achieving excellence in all we do. That includes diligent stewardship of the assets and operations of the Beth Sholom campus.

Recently, the Beth Sholom Board of Directors approved the sale of the campus facilities. The sale was complete on July 1, 2023.

But Beth Sholom is not leaving the community. While our brick-and-mortar operation is ending, our mission of serving seniors will continue in new ways as a “reimagined” Beth Sholom.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence as we transform to serve the community and evolve in a new direction.

Emotional Health Support for Seniors

Emotional health should not be overlooked when caring for our seniors. This topic is not discussed enough and is a crucial component in helping seniors perform at an optimal level from a mental and emotional standpoint.

This training video outlines the importance of monitoring emotional health in seniors, recognizing when someone is struggling with emotional challenges, and ways to intervene when someone is in need of help. 

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